Automated Trading On The Rise As Companies Push Workers Back To The Office

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By Austin DeNoce, Benzinga

As the world gradually moves on from the shadow of the pandemic, the corporate drumbeat calling employees back to the office is growing louder. Leading the charge are companies like Goldman Sachs (NYSE: GS) and Alphabet Inc. (NASDAQ: GOOGL), alongside an overwhelming 90% of company leaders who are determined to enforce return-to-office policies by the end of 2024.

This shift, driven by concerns about productivity, collaboration and the intangible benefits of in-office work, signals a significant change for employees and traders who've grown accustomed to the flexibility of remote work.

Solutions For Traders Returning To The Office

If youre a trader heading back to the office, there are still ways to stay active in the markets without compromising your professional responsibilities. Automated trading strategies are a possible solution, as they enable traders to engage with the markets throughout the day, despite limited screen time.

Swing trading also stands out as a time-friendly strategy for traders with busy daily schedules, allowing them to utilize after-hours planning to set market-on-open and market-on-close orders that can be filled while theyre away at work.

Both automated and swing trading strategies can accommodate the demands of a full-time job. Since futures trading involves the risk of loss, it should be noted automation can help minimize the emotional pitfalls of trading by leveraging algorithms. Such systems have fully automated alerts and executions, which dramatically reduces the need for market surveillance and enables a more balanced approach to work and trading. Markets wont adjust to your work schedule, so automation is one way to manage risk and stay on top of trades while your attention is focused on work.

How EdgeClear Is Empowering Traders

Against the backdrop of return-to-office policies, EdgeClear has positioned itself as a valuable resource for traders seeking to balance their time constraints with their thirst for markets. As a futures broker with an advanced suite of services, EdgeClear offers automated quantitative programs like EdgeQX and EdgeQX-R specifically tailored for intraday futures trading. These programs are designed with the modern trader in mind, incorporating machine learning and diversified signals to facilitate emotion-free trading across E-mini S&P 500 and Micro E-mini S&P 500 contracts.

With EdgeClear, traders can enjoy transparency, flexibility in subscription management and access to sophisticated trading algorithms. This blend of features ensures that traders can maintain an active presence in the market, regardless of their return-to-office commitments. Ultimately, these automated services highlight EdgeClear's commitment to aligning trading strategies with the evolving work arrangements of traders.

Navigating New Normals

The transition back to office work represents a significant shift in the corporate landscape, challenging employees and traders to find new ways of balancing professional commitments with personal and trading activities. However, automated trading strategies, supported by platforms like EdgeClear, offer a viable option for traders to remain active in the markets while adapting to the demands of in-office work schedules.

By embracing these tools and strategies, traders can navigate the post-pandemic return-to-office with confidence and without sacrificing their trading. The ability to adapt and leverage technology is itself a powerful edge in trading, making automated services a worthwhile consideration regardless of a traders time constraints. However, if you are busy with work, rest assured we live in a world filled with innovative solutions and brokers like EdgeClear allow traders to maintain their presence in markets no matter what occupies their time throughout the day.

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