DHRUVA RESEARCH is launched – Building India’s top financial education platform

Mr. Prabhat Kumar, a well-known SEBI registered research analyst, announced today that his financial market research institute DHRUVA RESEARCH is officially launched. The institute is committed to improving the financial literacy and investment capabilities of Indian investors through education and research, and fundamentally changing investors’ perception of the market.

“Over the years, I have accumulated rich experience in the global financial market. The epidemic has not only changed the global economic landscape, but also made me re-examine my own development direction,” said Mr. Prabhat Kumar. “I firmly believe that through education and the dissemination of knowledge, more investors can succeed in the financial market.”

Professor Prabhat Kumar has a rich educational background and professional experience in the field of finance. He graduated from the famous Indian institution Indian Institute of Management Bangalore (IIM Bangalore), and went to Rutgers Business School in the United States in 2001 to study for an MBA and a master’s degree in finance, graduating in 2004.

Throughout his career, Professor Prabhat Kumar has demonstrated outstanding financial analysis and management capabilities:

  • From August 2009 to August 2011, he worked as a commercial banking account manager at Citibank, USA, during which he was transferred to Citibank’s investment banking analyst assistant for 8 months.
  • From 2012 to November 2015, he worked as an analyst at Merrill Lynch, USA, and was promoted to chief analyst in 2014 due to his excellent trading performance.
  • From March 2016 to December 2019, he served as deputy team leader in the wealth management department of Barclays Capital, and transferred to the research department in June 2017 and was promoted to the main person in charge.

Professor Prabhat Kumar has more than 15 years of experience in the financial field and is a well-respected SEBI registered research analyst. He has accumulated rich research and investment experience in financial markets around the world and has a deep understanding of financial instruments such as stocks, bonds, and derivatives. He has worked in many internationally renowned financial institutions and played an important role in many financial research projects, committed to providing customers with excellent investment advice and market analysis.

Professor Prabhat Kumar is passionate about education and knowledge dissemination. He firmly believes that education is the key to improving investor literacy. He has given speeches at international financial conferences and seminars many times, sharing his research results and investment experience, which has been widely recognized and praised. As the founder and chief mentor of DHRUVA RESEARCH, he hopes to pass on his knowledge and experience to more investors through this platform and help them find a successful path in the complex financial market.

With the official launch of DHRUVA RESEARCH, all related services will be open to the public free of charge during the trial operation phase. The institute will also participate in the analyst challenge organized by the CFA Institute to take this opportunity to demonstrate its strength and attract more attention.

Through exchanges with friends and people in the investment circle, Professor Prabhat Kumar concluded that the main reasons for losses of Indian investors are concentrated in the following aspects: first, they cannot adapt to market fluctuations, second, they lack sufficient knowledge and research, third, they over-trade, and fourth, they do not know how to diversify risks. However, as the world’s most populous country and a future economic giant, India’s financial market is booming, and the influx of domestic and foreign funds has prompted more and more ordinary people to get involved in the stock market. This phenomenon further deepened the professor’s determination to establish a high-end financial research institute, hoping to improve the quality of investors through education and fundamentally change the status quo.

To this end, Professor Prabhat Kumar has a lofty vision – to establish a financial market research institute to cultivate high-end financial talents in India and even the world, and change investors’ perception of the market. He knows that shaping a mature investment culture is inseparable from the guidance and demonstration of a high-end circle. Therefore, he plans to enhance his social influence by participating in the CFA Institute Research Challenge organized by the CFA Institute to attract more people with lofty ideals to join this movement of knowledge popularization and ability improvement.

The CFA Institute Research Challenge is not only a platform to demonstrate personal ability, but also an excellent opportunity to learn and communicate with industry elites. Professor Prabhat Kumar hopes to attract more investors and financial practitioners by making a name for himself in the competition, and accumulate popularity and demonstrate strength through his own teaching and practice to help more people understand the essence of the stock market. The professor will also selflessly share his experience accumulated over the years, so that investors can ride the wind and waves in the turbulent stock market and sail to the other side of profitability.

Professor Prabhat Kumar’s wish is not limited to personal achievements. He hopes to make important contributions to India’s financial education brand through his own efforts. With the help of the CFA Analyst Challenge platform, he will make more like-minded friends to jointly promote the healthy development of India’s financial market and create a more stable and knowledge-rich investment environment.

Professor Prabhat Kumar firmly believes that through the dissemination of knowledge and the guidance of the circle, India’s investment environment will definitely get better and better. Let us look forward to the financial education platform he has built to bring new enlightenment and gains to investors in India and even the world, so that more people can realize their dreams on the road of investment and welcome a promising future together.

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