Introducing AeoN-X -The AI-Driven, All-in-One Ecosystem Reshaping the Web3 Landscape

Nashville, Tennessee, 9th July 2024, ZEX PR WIRE, AeoN-X is an emerging brand in the Web3 space, claiming to be “the most expansive and ambitious project to date” in the industry. It employs state-of-the-art AI technology to deliver multiple high-quality crypto services, earning opportunities, and monetizing tools for influencers.

The project boasts a proprietary, AI-powered blockchain, a hybrid CEX/DEX, a social networking platform, a mobile app, a cold storage wallet, and more. Its future plans include VR-powered Metaverse experiences and unprecedented, AI-driven social tools for creators.

Here’s a short introduction to one of the most exciting Web3 platforms using AI to redefine crypto trading, content generation, and online social interactions.

What Is AeoN-X?

AeoN-X is a US-based Web3 company operating from headquarters in Murfreesboro, Tennessee. It is led by an experienced team of entrepreneurs and programmers, including 20 developers from the industry’s top 3%.

Its mission is to deliver “the most robust set of utilities in all of crypto, all built on the newest generation of blockchain, hyper-fast AiPoS Layer 1, AeoN’Chain, and delivered via AeoN’s MobileApp for convenience.”

The project is designed to prioritize the investors’ growth and security. To this end, the team partnered with Assure DeFi—one of the industry’s top security validators—and obtained the Gold Standard in KYC for six members. Moreover, the project obtained a triple audit SAFU, ensuring the growing AeoN-X community of its credentials, reliability, and transparent commitment to long-term sustainability.

The $ANX Token

The $ANX token binds all the products, services, and transactions within the AeoN-X ecosystem. It has a deflationary design and a maximum supply of 86,9 million tokens. The project will only make 6 million $ANX available at the token’s initial listing. Also, within the first 24 months following the official launch, there will only be 56,9 million $ANX tokens available.

The $ANX distribution model:

  • 50 million $ANX for sale during the ICO phase
  • 20 million $ANX allocated to the Burn Wallet
  • 6 million $ANX placed on AeoN Xchange at launch
  • 6 million $ANX for marketing and development purposes
  • 4 million $ANX allocated to the team
  • 900,000 $ANX kept for staking and released six months after launch

Holding $ANX tokens involves considerable perks and long-term benefits. Firstly, its deflationary nature will increase scarcity and potentially higher value over time. The project also gives holders several staking and auto-staking options with no vesting and potential APY between 15% and 21%, depending on the staking period.

Owning $ANX ensures participation in the AeoN-X community, which will eventually own the project. According to the AeoN-X whitepaper, the team will renounce the smart contract at the platform launch. This will make AeoN-X the first all-in-one, AI-driven, mainstream project to be truly community-owned.

The AeoN-X Ecosystem

AeoN-X uses the latest advances in AI technology to deliver unparalleled Web3, DeFi, SocialFi, GameFi, entertainment, and crypto trading opportunities. Here is a short description of its main offerings:

Hybrid’eX CEX/DEX

The project’s heartbeat is driven by the Hybrid’eX CEX/DEX – a crypto exchange with a dual interface design for new and seasoned traders. Users benefit from AI-powered trading signals, strategies, deep market analyses, and real-time insights to engage in futures spot, margin, and derivative trading, among many others.

One of the exchange’s top features is XCalibur. This personal AI trading bot uses cutting-edge algorithms to scour the market for the latest trends and help traders make better-informed decisions. Users can activate XCalibur in various ways, including with voice commands, which considerably accelerates trade execution.

AeoN Chain

AeoN-X operates on AeoN Chain, a sustainable and lightning-fast AI-powered PoS Layer 1 blockchain. Its infrastructure was built on top of Cosmos, an L0 blockchain that the developers regard as the “internet of blockchains.”

AeoN Chain is scalable and has multiple cross-functionalities with other blockchains. Its AI-driven nature helps the network achieve all the goals an AI-enabled blockchain should reach. For one, it has the power to sustain a hybrid crypto exchange, a native token, and a complex tokenomics model that involves staking and reward sharing.

The AeoN Experience

AeoN-X “2Earn” is another standout platform in the Aeon-X ecosystem. It combines AI, AR, VR, and crypto to provide influencers and creators with virtual spaces (lounges). Users can create and customize lounges for social, entertainment, and business purposes. The platform employs a transparent reward-sharing model and an immersive experience, allowing participants to explore and reap countless benefits.

Here’s how various groups can benefit from the reward system:

Create2Earn – Creators and influencers

  • 65% Create2Earn – Monthly subscription rewards for participation: ~65%
  • 10% Subscribe2Earn – Monthly ad rewards (platform, App Market, and Metaverse/Elys’AeoN Fields ad rewards): ~10%
  • 10% Shop2Earn – Monthly rewards from Elys’AeoN Fields tenant lease operation: ~10%
  • 25% Create2Earn – Allocated to the platform for operations and further development (subscription reward): ~25%

Subscribers – Play2Earn and Watch2Earn

  • 65% Subscribe2Earn (comprising Play2Earn and Watch2Earn) – Monthly ad rewards (platform, App Market, and Metaverse/Elys’AeoN Fields ad rewards): ~65%
  • 10% Dev2Earn – Monthly development rewards for participation (from App Market and Custom VR Lounge): ~10%
  • 10% Shop2Earn – Monthly rewards from Elys’AeoN Fields tenant lease operation: ~10%
  • 25% Subscribe2Earn (comprising Play2Earn and Watch2Earn) – Allocated to the platform for operations and further development (ad rewards): ~25%

Developers – Dev2Earn

  • 65% Dev2Earn – Monthly development rewards (from App Market purchases): ~65%
  • 10% Create2Earn – Monthly subscription rewards for participation: ~10%
  • 10% Shop2Earn – Monthly rewards from Elys’AeoN Fields tenant lease operation: ~10%
  • 25% Dev2Earn – Allocated to the platform for operations and further development (development reward): ~25%

Shoppers – Shop2Earn

  • 40% Shop2Earn – Monthly rewards from Elys’AeoN Fields Metaverse Mall(s) tenant monthly lease payment operation: ~40%
  • 30% Shop2Earn – Allocated to the platform for operations and further development: ~30%

The AeoN-Xperience platform is available at reasonable fees. Users must pay $29.99 monthly to access it. Entry to a Lounge is available for $1 per month. Also, for each custom Lounge, users must pay a one-time $5 fee per purchase. In other words, a user gets $0.65 per month for each subscriber to their lounge. A substantial number of subscribers could lead to a considerable monthly income.

AeoN-X also boasts a project launchpad, LaunchPad’X, supporting ICOs, IPOs, and STOs. The ecosystem is completed by a smart crypto wallet, Wallet’X, and Mobile’X, a mobile app for convenient profile management. Future plans include releasing an all-new VR-powered Metaverse-based ShopFI and more earning and social networking opportunities for the AeoN-X community.

What’s Next for Aeon-X?

The AeoN-X team has ambitious plans for the project’s future. The platform’s integration of AR/VR with the proprietary, AI-driven blockchain is bound to create unprecedented opportunities in the Web3 space, such as earning opportunities from staking, social, and entertainment practices.

Currently, the team focuses on building partnerships with industry-leading brands and growing the enthusiastic AeoN-X community. Its token listing strategy should come into effect before the altcoin season starts in Q4 of 2024.

AeoN-X will release $ANX tokens in an ICO presale on GemPad starting Wednesday, July 10. Joining the event and buying $ANX includes a 20% entry bonus. All purchases over $1,500 include a free AeoN-X Lambo Smart Cold Wallet for every participant. Moreover, after the event, AeoN-X will organize a lottery for participants who buy $ANX for at least $1,000, with the lucky winner having to choose between a Lamborghini Huracan and $250,000 in cash. The high-prized lottery will be live-streamed on YouTube, aired on Nashville-based radio stations, and overseen by a third-party auditor. AeoN-X plans to repeat the lottery annually for participants in this GemPad event. Follow the project’s Telegram channel for more details!

Follow the project’s official website and X (Twitter) for the latest development updates.

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