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Bridging the Gap Between Podiatry and Beauty: STAR Nail Technicians are Pioneering Advanced Toenail Care and Restoration Techniques

Surprise, Arizona Feb 7, 2024 ( – Meticulous Manicurist LLC, owned by Lori Halloway, a professional nail technician with three decades of experience, launched its online division in 2020. Meticulous Manicurist Online Nail Academy,, offers comprehensive education and cutting-edge techniques and is at the forefront of transforming the nail care industry. Specializing in toenail and restoration services, the online platform provides a professional development curriculum designed to equip nail technicians with the skills to address many nail conditions not discussed in traditional nail schools. By fostering a deep understanding of beauty and pedicure care, professionals can aim to expand their service menu, ensuring client safety and satisfaction. “Our dedication to innovation and education positions us as leaders in the industry, ready to meet the evolving demands of clients and nail care professionals,” says Halloway.

In the world of nail care, the role of a nail technician has evolved beyond traditional manicures and pedicures. Today, nail technicians find themselves in a unique position, filling a much-needed niche for specialized toenail techniques. This shift has led to exciting opportunities for professionals in the industry, and it’s essential to understand how they’re meeting the client demand for these specialized services.

Podiatrists and the Referral of Specialty Toenail and Restoration Pedicure Services

Historically, clients leaned on podiatrists for toenail care after being turned away from traditional salons with an unusual appearance of toenails, including suspected fungal nails and other issues like pincer or ingrown nail discomfort issues. Unfortunately, insurance companies regulate what conditions are medical and what a Podiatrist can do in terms of service. Podiatrists can offer to remove the entire nail or a portion of the nail, to trim the nails by offering routine nail care covered by insurance for clients with an underlying medical condition like diabetes, or to prescribe medications. Most insurances also may not cover testing or medications for possible nail fungus without an underlying medical condition. Before making an appointment with a Podiatrist, check your medical coverage to avoid any unexpected out-of-pocket expenses you may incur. Insurance companies may define toenail issues as cosmetic because they aren’t an immediate threat or life-threatening. People can treat them at home or with over-the-counter topical products unless an infection is present, redness, swelling, hot to the touch, color changes to the skin, or body fluid is resent. See your doctor immediately if there is an infection present. However, there’s been a noticeable shift in recent years. Many podiatrists now refer their clients to nail technicians who are well-versed in specialty toenail techniques. The reason for this shift? Insurance companies’ reimbursement amounts are low for routine foot care in the podiatry field, and Podiatrist’s schedules are busy with foot and ankle surgeries. This shift has created a unique opportunity for nail technicians to step in and provide specialized care with the proper continuing education.

Some Podiatry offices have even revamped their office space to include an area to employ Nail Technicians to increase their revenue with cash services. The State Board of Cosmetology must still license these offices as cosmetology establishments for nail technicians to work there. But Nail Technicians don’t have to operate in a Podiatry office to offer specialty pedicure services to clients.

The confusion within the industry comes from nail technicians historically being taught in nail school that they aren’t allowed to work on unsightly toenails by industry instructors. Nail schools teach the basic skills and safety regulations to keep clients safe and help students pass the state board exam; advanced skills to offer proficiency in other specialty areas are only available in continuing education programs.

State boards of cosmetology govern the beauty industry to keep the public as safe as possible when receiving various beauty and grooming services, including nail care. They aim to protect the public. To help technicians use the appropriate tools to prevent skin or client harm during these pedicure services. Additionally, they seek to maintain uniform standards for tool disinfection to comply with regulations and uphold safety standards to protect clients from possible blood-borne pathogens. Historically, they’ve found injury to be remote. Many state audits over the years have even recommended eliminating state boards due to low complaints and interpretations that people can do these services at home. Here is a quote from the Arizona state board audit in 1983, “State licensing of cosmetologists, manicurists, and cosmetology shops can be eliminated because the practice of cosmetology does not pose a sufficient risk to public health and safety to justify regulation. Although a limited potential exists for disease transmission through cosmetology, the actual health threat is minimal because diseases that could be spread are not serious or life-threatening. Similarly, licensing is not justified because of possible harm from using cosmetology implements or chemical solutions because such items are readily available and routinely used by the general public. Because consumers possess adequate ability and knowledge to evaluate cosmetology services in the sense of licensing, we recommend the Legislature consider allowing the State Board of Cosmetology to terminate .”

In the unfortunate event of injury to a client during a cosmetology service, the issue becomes a civil suit if the injury is sufficient to seek legal help. The state board of cosmetology will investigate if the client makes a formal complaint in writing to the board and make recommendations of their findings. Outcomes could include a fine, probation, or even loss of licensure. The civil findings are not in the scope of the board.

Private Industry Continuing Education and Compliance

While state boards of cosmetology have made changes and improvements to avoid termination, including being combined with the Board of Barbering in most states to reduce expenses, they play a crucial role in overseeing public safety. But they don’t regulate private industry continuing education. Most companies that provide continuing education in the beauty and nail care industry understand the importance of respecting state guidelines and prioritizing client safety. Teaching skills and techniques to meet the needs of clients who fall into this much-needed niche between simple pedicure techniques and a podiatry visit is paramount to continuing education companies like The Meticulous Manicurist Online Nail Academy. It’s also important to review your state board rules and regulations to ensure you are working within your state’s guidelines.

The Specialty Toenail and Restoration Nail Technician program also ensures that nail technicians avoid crossing into the medical plateau and stay within their defined scope of practice. This commitment to adhering to established standards and safety regulations is paramount to maintaining clients’ safety and well-being.

As the demand for specialty toenail techniques grows, nail technicians must stay ahead of the curve. Enrolling in programs offered by The Meticulous Manicurist Online Nail Academy can be a game-changer.

This academy offers a comprehensive program designed specifically for STAR NTs, which stands for Specialty Toenail and Restoration Nail Technicians. STAR NTs have the knowledge and skills to excel in specialty toenail techniques. This specialized training enables nail technicians to meet the growing demand for these services and positions them as industry experts.

Nail technicians can work with perfect toenails and offer services to help the most significant percentage of the population entering their elderly years. They are filling the gap between salons and podiatrists in a niche and growing demand for specialized toenail care by offering specialty techniques to restore even the most unwanted issues. The collaboration between podiatrists and nail technicians is changing the landscape of nail care, presenting exciting opportunities for professionals in the field. By embracing continuing education programs like the one offered by The Meticulous Manicurist Online Nail Academy, nail technicians can become STAR NTs and care for clients in their own business and not have to work in a podiatry office to lead the way in providing specialized toenail care to clients. Embrace the future of nail care and watch your career flourish in this evolving and expanding specialty, all while staying within your scope of practice.

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